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Jarett Clark

Get to know Jarett  herE:

"I spent a decade working in the corporate offices for two of the top franchise commercial cleaning companies in the United States. I saw aspects of the business that worked and ones that definitely did not. I found myself wanting more out of the client relationship and to serve clients in a highly customized way. My dream and biggest goal in starting Clark Commercial was to strip away all of the excess in the usual franchise company you deal with in this industry. I am proud to say that we have approached our cleaning service in a unique way and building a trusting relationship with each and every one of our clients is my biggest priority. I love what we do and I love the people and businesses we do it for."

Within our industry we have witnessed what doesn’t work and we have learned what does. We pride ourselves in approaching our service with a small business style. This means top quality service in the most personal and friendly of ways. This means that we are succeeding in delivering a more highly customized experience for our clients and their businesses.

Our goal with each and every client is to make you feel as though you are our only client. You receive our undivided time, our attention to detail and our knack for over-delivering. With Clark Commercial, you won’t deal with the hassle of the franchise dynamic. You will deal with our team and we are here anytime you need us. Because we have removed the middle man and left out that franchise dynamic, we are able to build and maintain a more intimate relationship with our clients and make sure that we are customizing the experience every step of the way.

Our approach to the client relationship and cleaning services is unique and unlike any other. We know how important it is that your customers receive the best first impression when in your workplace and we enjoy surpassing that expectation for our clients every time.